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The Band
The Band
The Band
The Band
The Band
The Band
The Band

The Band

Stretching teams


The Band feels like one big group trust fall. Deep down we know we rely on each other but, in practice, it isn't so easy to let go. Use this tool to explore concepts such as interdependency, trust, change and reciprocity.

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Participants start out standing in a small circle with a large, flat ring of elastic running around the outside, loose at their backs. As they step back, the circle expands, and the fabric stretches until it becomes taught. This allows people to lean back with their entire weight supported.

Trust grows naturally as the group quickly recognizes the interdependency between the parts; if enough people are not moving backwards in sync, the band would lose its tension and someone’s weight would no longer be supported causing him/her to fall. The experience can become dynamic as participants are sent (by instruction or on their own initiative) from one side to another, requiring others to adapt to the changing structure. 


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