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Tower of Power

Like so much of what we do in organizations, this exercise requires planning, coordination and teamwork. All involved need to hold up their end and the stakes get higher with every block that's placed.


In this experience, teams learn to deal with interdependency, uncertainty and change. With success hanging in the balance, it is essential that we see things from each other's point of view.


This high-energy exercise is ideal for exploring teamwork under pressure. When resources are scarce, communication and coordinated effort are critical and we must find ways to improve existing processes.


About METALOG Tools

METALOG tools help people build the skills they need to work more effectively together. Grounded in contemporary learning theory and cognitive science, our method provides a fun and engaging way for developing soft skills through interactive experiences.

The tools are beautifully crafted and thoughtfully designed. They meet diverse learning goals – from simple icebreakers to addressing focused topics such as communication, leadership, change management, systems thinking and more.

The exercises are easy to facilitate. They motivate people to discover effective solutions for the task at hand, and gain insights readily applied to real challenges at work. 


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"These tools have transformed our training programs. Our participants are fully engaged and able to learn and retain the material naturally. For our facilitators, the ways we can use these tools are seemingly endless."

Bob Jacobson, Senior Program Director, UBC

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