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More than the sum of their parts


Team² demonstrates how prioritizing individual performance often limits our success as a whole. Participants must learn to break out of their silos and see the bigger picture.

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The group sits around a table with defined individual work areas and a shared space in the center. Colorful plastic pieces in different shapes are clustered in the center and each participant must use three of the shapes to make a square. They are not allowed to speak or reach into another person’s work area; only the center can be used to take pieces out, put them back or to push pieces toward another person.

Some participants are able to form a square very quickly, but what they don’t realize is that they are using parts that others need. While there are many different ways to put a square together, there is only one way for everyone to put a square together at the same time. This means some participants will have to break up their already completed squares and share their pieces with others. The message is clear: if the group is to succeed, all members must prioritize the group’s goal over their own. 


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