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Why Metalog Tools?

A trainer instructs a blindfolded learner where to place a figurine in Metalog Tools SysTeam activity to teach active listening

Metalog tools help people build the skills they need to work more effectively together. Grounded in contemporary learning theory and cognitive science, our method provides a fun and engaging way for developing soft skills through interactive experiences.

The tools are beautifully crafted and thoughtfully designed. They meet diverse learning goals – from simple icebreakers to addressing focused topics such as communication, leadership, change management, systems thinking and more.

The exercises are easy to facilitate. They motivate people to discover effective solutions for the task at hand, and gain insights readily applied to real challenges at work. 

"Trying to solve a problem before being taught the solution leads to better learning even when errors are made in the attempt." 

Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning
Written in 2014 by leading cognitive scientists, Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel, and storyteller, Peter C. Brown


Quality Matters

Metalog tools are beautifully designed for visual and kinesthetic appeal. We use solid crafted wood, braided rope that is colorful and grippy, faceted dice that fit perfectly in the hand and artful drawings that stimulate imagination. Our exercises are created by specialists who know how to engage teams in tightly designed, focused activities with productive results. Metalog is distinguished for quality design, materials and customer service.

Discovery Learning

Our method is the powerful process of self-discovery in a team environment. We create activities in which team members are inspired to support one another. They connect their actions to results as they work through intriguing challenges, successfully express and hear new ideas, and experience eye-opening insights. No teacher is required beyond team members and a group facilitator.

Boost Team Performance

Metalog activities are metaphors for key challenges that coworkers face on the job, yet without the distractions, complexity and 'business as usual' that often gets in the way of team learning. It's revitalizing to team members to become open to new ideas and free to try out new behaviors. Participants readily relate lessons learned to their reality at the workplace. They gain ability and motivation to bring team learnings back to the job for improved performance.

Generate Insights that Last

Metalog activities are unique experiences that stimulate parts of the brain beyond just the intellect. These activities are tactile, they’re visual, they’re interpersonal, they’re fun. They are designed to activate visceral feelings that boost learner engagement and deepen learning. Multi-sensory engagement enriches learning and retention, and participants report that memory of the activities and their associated learnings last well beyond the experience. 


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