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Try the Tools Yourself at Our Public Workshop

An illustration of people playing SysTeam, a popular hands on team building activity from Metalog Training Tools

Want to get hands-on to learn more about Metalog tools? During this workshop, one of our top facilitators will lead the group through a series of interactive exercises, demonstrating how to use the tools effectively for a wide range of learning outcomes. You will be introduced to The Metalog Method, get answers to all of your questions, and hear stories of the facilitator's experiences using the tools with diverse groups.


Why attend?

  • Understand the value of the tools with hands-on experience led by an expert
  • Evaluate the fit for a specific need or explore various applications
  • Get a feel for what it would be like to use Metalog tools in your work
  • Hear helpful anecdotes from the facilitator's own experience using the tools
  • Learn best practices for using the tools effectively on your own
  • Get a free copy of our book, The Metalog Method

What people say

"This was a great workshop. I liked that we were able to experience the tools and then debrief from a facilitator standpoint. Anna was fantastic and the tools are so versatile that they can be used for many types of team challenges. The engagement and discussion with other trainers to me was fantastic as well since we were able to share ideas and thoughts on how to approach the use of the tools we used."

Headshot of Metalog Training Tools Customer Veronica Moore, Learning & Development Manager at

Ariadne Samaniego
Regional Training Manager
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