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Rules make life easier...or do they?


CultuRallye is a tool for exploring how we interact with each other in the face of change. The “culture” shock people experience during this activity can be a metaphor for dealing with change in any context where people are encountering new rules, norms or practices.

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Small groups sitting at tables each engage in a silent dice game. After several rounds of play, the individual at each table who has earned the most chips moves to the next table and the groups continue playing in silence. No one knows it at first, but the game has slightly different rules at each table and people may react differently to this “culture” shock as the groups continue playing with newcomers.

Some newcomers are confused and end up losing their chips. The existing players will either play on without them or show more inclusive behavior, sharing chips to allow them to keep playing. Other newcomers quickly realize what’s going on and make the existing players explain the new rules. When it’s time for the next change over, groups that were more inclusive and adaptive will be more successful at integrating the newcomer. The experience demonstrates how group behaviors and structures influence how effectively we manage a change.


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