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Heading in the same direction


How does a group of up to 30 people learn to draw effectively with a single pen? In this activity, individuals come to appreciate how even small actions impact others. They must work with excellent communication and synchronization toward a common goal. 

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Participants use ropes to control a single writing pen held upright by a plastic disk resting on a large sheet of paper. As the participants pull the ropes, the disk slides around leaving behind a trail of ink from the pen. Even with a shared objective in mind, drawing as a team is difficult until the group learns how to work together. Once the lines of communication are running smoothly and everyone has a feel for how they influence the outcome, the group can draw effectively as if they are one.

This activity can be staged in many ways. Pre-designed templates can present the group with a winding path to follow or a maze to solve. If the objective is to write a word or a phrase or draw a shape or a company logo, planning, leadership and extra coordination are required. The paper sheet can be prepared in advance with cards half-hidden in slits so that when the pen reaches a card, a new topic of the day is revealed. 


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