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Train the Trainer: Get Certified to Lead

An illustration of people playing SysTeam, a popular hands on team building activity from Metalog Training Tools

Our three-day Train the Trainer workshop will help you take your training programs to the next level. Led by one of our top trainers, this workshop will take a deep dive into key principles of experiential learning, introduce you to the Metalog Method, and teach you how to design customizable 'learning projects' with a variety of Metalog tools. You will learn from didactic presentations, hands-on experimentation, case studies, peer interaction and personalized trainer feedback. 

Why attend?

  • Advance your knowledge of experiential learning theory and the Metalog Method
  • Experiment with a wide variety of tools and learn best practices from an expert
  • Understand the theory behind the tools to enable you to select the right tools for your objectives
  • Practice the three steps of The Metalog Method – staging, performing and assigning meaning – and get practical feedback from the trainer and peers
  • Learn useful techniques for improvising and intervening during "learning projects"
  • Learn how to seamlessly integrate Metalog tools into other training programs or learning experiences


The Train the Trainer workshop begins with an online introduction, then meets in person for three distinct modules, and concludes with an online follow up session after you have practiced using the tools on your own.

Module 1 – The Fundamentals: Experiential Learning and The Metalog Method

Module 1 lays the groundwork to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to use Metalog tools in your work. We will explore key concepts of experiential learning, introduce the Metalog Method and provide numerous opportunities for you to experiment with the tools.

You can expect to learn:

  • How to design a Metalog learning project that serves as an interaction metaphor - or mirror - of your group's everyday situation 
  • How to plan and implement the three fundamental steps of a Metalog learning project - staging, performing and assigning meaning
  • Creative ways to use the tools, as each one is designed for multiple uses
  • How to create long-lasting connections between learning projects and learners' daily lives
  • Intervention methods for groups that get stuck during a learning project
  • Strategies for transferring learnings at the workshop into everyday work

Module 2 – Developing Your Core Competencies as a Trainer: New Perspectives and Approaches

Module 2 builds on the foundational lessons of the first module with a greater emphasis on practice and delivery. We will use the group's observations as a starting point to discuss the opportunities and challenges inherent in experiential learning, and we will suggest and practice additional delivery approaches to help you succeed. 

You can expect to learn:

  • The core competencies trainers need to succeed at leading learning projects
  • About the link between neuroscience and experiential learning, and why this matters
  • How to use unexpected situations to your advantage 
  • How to make use of the observations and unique perspectives of your learners 
  • How to use solution-focused question techniques as a method for dealing with difficult situations 

Module 3 – Bringing it All Together: Designing Transformative Learning Projects for Your Groups

Module 3 addresses advanced challenges and practical realities of incorporating the Metalog Method and tools in your work, and outlines steps for integrating this dynamic model of experiential learning into other elements of instructional design. This module is critically important whether you are planning a singular learning project or supporting another training program. 

You can expect to learn:

  • How to differentiate and plan your learning projects based on their specific role in an instructional design
  • Methods you can use to weave a Metalog learning project into a content-driven training program
  • How to thoughtfully design a sequence of multiple Metalog learning projects
  • Advanced strategies for learning projects that address team development and change management
  • Tips for managing client expectations of perfection, and how to respond to teams and managers who each think the other needs coaching

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